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If excess, surplus or returned stock is causing your business a headache
tying up cash flow, taking up space and reducing revenue then we can help you.

We have been established for over 70 years in the auction industry. Owned and operated by the Rothwell family we are one of the
biggest and most respected auctioneers in Europe.

Simon Charles at a glance

Registered Buyers

180,000+ Buyers

and sale attendance of 1000+ buyers a week

We cater to trade and private buyers alike. With live bidding, online bidding and commission bidding we ensure the stock is accessible to as many buyers as possible.

Our in house dedicated marketing team actively promote the business and products on offer ensuring that items being sold achieve the highest selling prices possible.

We work closely with our vendors to ensure that the stock is sold in the appropriate sale to obtain maximum price, whether it is sold during a live sale, or in its own dedicated online timed auction. We understand the needs of individual businesses and we tailor our service to suit.

Registered Buyers

120,000 ft2

of selling and storage space

We have a dedicated team of 45 porters for the unloading of vehicles and collecting customer orders. Stock is stored and sold from across 3 auction centres. The scale of our operation means that we are able to consign any quantity of stock to our sales.

We can arrange collection and carriage of stock from distribution centres directly to our auction house. We work closely with a number of large freight companies ensuring that stock can reach us in the most cost effective manner.

Lot Sticker

Any volume of stock taken

large or small

All goods offered are sold without warranties or guarantees and sold as seen unless otherwise specified to the highest bidder.

We are able to offer free storage, handling and debranding facilities, with data wiping facilities if required. We offer an extremely discrete service whereby the brand integrity of our vendors is of utmost importance.

We have a permanent team of 10 catalogue assistants to make sure the incoming stock is correctly described and photographed prior to sale to ensure the best possible prices are achieved.

Registered Buyers

7 Day Payment

prompt payment within 7 days of sale, by bank transfer or cheque

We can offer prompt payment within 7 days of sale, by bank transfer or cheque. Our vendors have the option to sell with or without VAT.

We offer a fully transparent service, all costs, hammer prices and fees are meticulously broken down on a lot by lot basis with all this information being sent as after sales advice to the vendor.

Our dedicated accounts and after sales team are here to assist you with any post sales advice and queries you may have, also ensuring that all payments are made promptly and correctly.

Specialist Auctions

Furniture & Upholstery

Furniture & Upholstery Auctions Furniture & Upholstery Auctions Icon

Electrical & Technology

Electrical & Technology Auctions Electrical & Technology Auctions Icon

White Goods

Large Appliances & White Goods Auctions WhiteGoods & Upholstery Auctions Icon

Luxury Assets

Luxury & Upholstery Auctions Luxury & Upholstery Auctions Icon

Plant Equipment & Tools

Plant & Upholstery Auctions Plant & Upholstery Auctions Icon

Catering Equipment & Supplies

Catering & Upholstery Auctions Catering & Upholstery Auctions Icon

How Simon Charles Can Help Your Business

We work with some of the biggest retailers, manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers in the UK and Europe, helping to sell excess, clearance, returned or surplus stock. We operate across 3 auction centres and we can handle any volume of stock large or small.

If you are a business with mountains of stock weighing you down then we can help you clear it, we strive for the best possible prices and with over 180,000 registered buyers we have customers for everything!

Take the case of the largest DIY chain store in the country, they were struggling with huge amounts of end of line and redundant stock, filling storerooms and depots round the country. Our no quibble acceptance of this stock in any quantity has regained that space and released the revenue held up in overstock.

Or the gigantic pub chain that was actually spending thousands a year on disposing of redundant Catering equipment every time they refitted a pub. By selling this equipment into the secondary market through us they have been able to supply a demand, breathe a new lease of life into the equipment and have gone from spending money to actually making money!

Consider the TV shopping channels who do not have the bricks and mortar premises with which to easily sell on clearance or returned stock, one phone call to us and a lorry load a week means they do not have much needed cash flow tied up in stock that cannot be moved.

Our quick turnaround and payment within 7 days of sale means your business can go from clutter to cash in a matter of days. Unlike clearance agents we don't always just want to take the best or cherry pick, we accept all quantities and all conditions; in fact you name it we can and will sell it!

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